The Social Jam is a creative digital agency set up by two friends, Sharon and Jennifer, who are passionate about social media and seek to help ambitious and growing brands get themselves seen, heard and felt online.

Our team comprises of experts with significant experience in their chosen fields and put together are an unstoppable force. We are committed to developing our clients online brand and helping them to achieve their digital ambitions delivering real measurable results.

With an achievable strategy, eye-catching design, content that connects and a brand that is both visually appealing and memorable The Social Jam team know how to spread your ideas.

What we do


We create, curate and collate content that connects the story you want to tell to engage and delight your audience. Whether it needs to be intriguing, informative or impressive, we know how to spread your messages.


Your community is everything on social, so we are dedicated to looking after them. Let us be the voice, let us be the eyes and let us listen to your community.


A fresh and focused brand is a must when being social. Let our experts ensure your distinct style is perfectly represented so you can spread your ideas.


Social advertising is an essential element of building an active community. Our team works hard, thinking inside, outside and all over the box to ensure your advertising is brilliant, exciting and engaging.



We do the research, find the insights and work with you to help shape and develop your ideas into an exciting story to tell and crucially one that adds value and gets people talking.


Our Leads


Creative Director

Sharon leads our design and digital branding service.

A highly creative graphic designer and branding specialist who has passion for social media, photography and interior design.

Having worked her creative magic for some of today’s top brands, including Nike, Harrods, and Disney, Sharon decided to bring together her branding skills and graphic design expertise in pursuing her passion for Social Media by teaming up with friend Jennifer in creating the Social Jam.

Things you didn’t know about Sharon:
1. Her favourite colour is Turquoise.
2. She has a love/hate relationship with Bounce (Trampoline Fitness).
3. She loves to ride her bike along the canals of Amsterdam. (Well she is Dutch!)



Managing Director

Jennifer leads our strategy and social media service.

Following a successful career as a transformation consultant, Jennifer pursued her interest for all things digital and learnt to code.

Since then Jennifer has immersed herself in the digital world and found a real passion for uniting her skills and experience of growing and transforming businesses with her knowledge and passion for all things digital.

Things you didn’t know about Jennifer:
1. Never to be seen not wearing a pair of fabulous high heels – even when she is running on the Heath.
2. Loves to organise fun and unusual nights out with friends – her idea of hell is sitting on the sofa watching TV.
3. Favourite phrase, is “Trust me, it will be awesome!” and it always is!



We are highly specialised. Our team are each specialists in their own field and bring a depth of knowledge and experience that will effectively market and promote your business online.



We work with businesses and brands across a range of industries and sectors. We look to understand your individual needs, your challenges and your ambitions and aspirations so we can really spread your messages.



We work with you to deliver the services you need at a price that works for you. That’s our promise to you.



We work hard to understand your business, your needs and your expectations so we can effectively deliver the best results and help realise your ambitions.



We are passionate about what we do. We care and invest in you as much as you invest in us.



We are social and don’t stick to the same old same old. We love to explore the new and innovative for our clients, ensuring they are always seen as fresh and groundbreaking.

Want to spread your ideas?

We want to spread them too!

So send us an email and let’s get talking!


We will not share your data with any third parties. Read our full privacy policy here.